RF Design

RF Design & Technologies

Musson Marine Ltd offers a wide range of electronic Design services in field of Radio frequency (RF) engineering in maritime and aviation areas.

Applying our experience to RF design and manufacturing, we offer PCB engineering and development services to companies within such various industries as telecom, commercial, industrial, aerospace and military.

Our engineering services includes design and manufacturing in range from product concept and PCB design to production, assembly, and testing.

Engineers team has broad technical knowledge in communication technologies, chipsets architectures, memory interfaces, reference designs, and evaluation boards.

We cover all range of services to offer complete development cycle starting from specification design and prototyping to ready samples and testing:

- Development of product concept
- Product specification
- Heuristic reviews of prototypes, code-modules and hardware models or devices focused on user experience quality and usability
- Analyze existing product and markets
- Product prototyping and debug
- PCB design (Custom circuit board design)
- Component selection and specification
- Design documentation (schematic, test procedures, user manuals)
- EMI and environmental testing
- Design review
- Production Engineering
- Technical documentation (reports, manuals, instructions)
- Testing. Test reports for certification
- Technical support

We stay abreast of technology trends and implement the solutions in products.

We use creative Circuit, Electronic and Logic Design approaches for implementations on advance process technologies.

Perform Heuristic reviews of prototypes, code-modules and hardware models or devices focused on user experience quality and usability, piloting, data-collection, analysis and reports for these usability tests.

Our Services

RF Design & Commerce

RF Design & Commerce

We analyze existing product and markets in terms of the ability to compete, gain market share, grow revenue and sustain or grow profitability. We perform competitive analysis, recommendations product pricing, benchmarking capital affordability and should-cost modeling, strategic modeling, factory capacity analysis, new product development valuation, strategic project valuation and prioritization cost.
RF Simulation and Application

RF Simulation and Application

It is difficult to simulate the RF circuits by a simple quick analysis due to its broad spectrum of various characteristics. To provide complete, fast and accurate simulation of these circuits you need different extensions and special simulating algorithms. We apply RF simulation methods to make common RF measurements to discover the unique characteristics of RF circuits.
RF Circuit Design

RF Circuit Design

There are a lot of industries targeted to the high-frequency circuits and radio frequency (RF) products. Semiconductor devices, newest board schemes, and upgraded production technologies have become better, it increased the amount of analog digital and high-speed systems. This fact provides deep influence to development of wireless communication, radar, gps-navigation, remote sensing and other connected electrical and PC areas.
Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Musson Marine has a huge variety of engineer services. We provide qualified services in a range of engineering disciplines. Our well-skilled technician team will help in developing products that require proper elaborating of modulation and demodulation parameters, of detection and estimation process and of error control coding / decoding.
Hardware Design

Hardware Design

Musson Marine looks ahead to be on top of world’s tendencies in a field of hardware design. That is why we can offer developing of the best competitiveness regarding cost and quality balance. We are working to define the design of products and help optimize their manufacturing capability for the following areas of focus: high speed logic circuits, microprocessor based circuits, special DSP processor design, FPGA logic design.
Signal Processing

Signal Processing

We are ready to offer our engineer services for the customer who needs to enable signal processing of the product under design. Musson Marine provides extended services from design to test bench operations, by adopting forward-thinking solutions in engineering concepts, technologies and business systems to be on the cutting edge and create more value for customers. For these needs our engineers will apply their long experience in analog and digital filtering, digital demodulation, spectral analysis, interleaving, correlation and allied technologies.
Engineering application

Engineering application

Our engineers have great experience in: phase lock loops (digital and analogue), AGD, AFC (digital and analogue), Signal synthesizers, Transmitters and recievers, Channel simulators, Subsystem test equipment for systems, earch and rescue beacons, AIS-SART
Engineering disciplines

Engineering disciplines

We have specialists and experts in following engineering fields: Modulation and demodulation, Detection and estimation, Error control coding/decoding, Information theory, Feedback control systems, Microprocessors, Digital Signal Processing, Electromagnetic field theory
System design/analysis

System design/analysis

We perform complete analysis of target systems: System specification preparation, Computer silmulation modeling, Link analysis, Performance analysis, DSP Algorithm design, Test specifications, Channel modeling, System effectiveness and avaliability, Integration planning
Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Musson Marine Ltd particular specialization is in providing custom hardware development of prime item equipment and supporting test equipment. This can include proof of concept models, engineering prototypes, and production model designs. Musson Marine Ltd capabilities are founded on a very experienced staff possessing considerable breadth in the theoretical basis of communications and signal processing systems and their hardware and software implementations.
GMDSS Testers All in One


406MHz, 121.5MHz, AIS OEM Card

We offer some solutions ready to be integrated and sold under your trademark or brand. Our technologies can be incorporates into your new products.

We ready to design solution under you specification and custom orders to suit your needs.

We can work together for a delivery solution that best fits your inventory level and cash flow needs.

We have ready 3 channel small PCB - 406MHz, 121.5MHz and AIS that can be intergrated in any product.



We offer special equipment that mainly used by laboratories or manufacturers for quality control in production.

High accuracy professional 406MHz BEACON Tester BT-611M indended to check beacon compliance with the requirements, specified in C/S doc. T.001, T.007. AIS-SART Tester Pro Lab Tester is device used for verification of AIS and AIS-SART parameters in real time.

GALILEO REFERENCE BEACON GENERATOR BG-105/102 is high-precision simulator of Cospas-Sarsat emergency beacon messages.