Privacy Policy

What We Collect

In order for you to create an account on GMDSS Testers website and use our services, including downloading of software and user manuals, we need to collect and process some information. That may include:

  • information (such as your name and company name)
  • your email and password details
  • details of any requests by contact form
  • communications you send to us

What’s Private

This data will not be publicly displayed or revealed to other users:

  • your email
  • your password details
  • your IP address
  • communications you send to us (for example, when you ask for support, send us questions or comments, or report a problem)

We do not sell, share or divulge client information to unrelated third parties.

We may disclose your Personal Information to our authorized dealers from your region in order that they provide you with the relevant information, service and trading according to your request.

We do reserve the right to disclose personal information when we believe that doing so is reasonably necessary to comply with the law or law enforcement, to prevent fraud or abuse, or to protect our legal rights.

Uses of Your Personal Information

We will use the personal information you provide to:

  • identify you when you sign in to your account;
  • enable us to provide you with the our services;
  • send you marketing communications we think you may find useful, but only in accordance with your email preferences;
  • present new products to you when you use our equipment which we believe will be of interest based on your job;
  • enable us to contact you regarding any question you have;

We take securing your data and preserving your privacy very seriously. We do not and will not sell your data.


We want to communicate with you only if you want to hear from us. We try to keep emails to a minimum and give you the ability to opt out of any marketing communications we send.

We will send you email relating to your personal transactions. You will also receive certain marketing email communications, in accordance with your preferences, and from which you may opt out at any time.

We may send you service-related announcements on the rare occasions when it is necessary to do so.

GMDSS Testers All in One


AIS, BEACON, SART, GMDSS Test equipment

Our company offers a range of maritime test devices intended for complex testing of GMDSS Equipment in accordance with IMO and SOLAS requirements.

Our test devices are capable to test automatic identification systems (AIS), AIS-SARTs, all 406MHz Cospas-Sarsat beacons, 9GHz search and rescue transponders (SART), and MF/HF and VHF GMDSS radios with DSC.

Testers are designed for ship surveyors, beacon suppliers, classification societies and administrative authorities.


RF Design & Technologies

Our company offers a wide range of electronic Design services in field of Radio frequency (RF) engineering in maritime and aviation areas.

Applying our experience to RF design and manufacturing, we offer PCB engineering and development services to companies within such various industries as telecom, commercial, industrial, aerospace and military.

Our engineering services includes design and manufacturing in range from product concept and PCB design to production, assembly, and testing.