Musson Marine Ltd at METS Trade Show 2016

METS Trade is one of the biggest marine exhibitions of the world. It takes place in Amsterdam.
15th to 17th November 2016 Musson Marine had pleasure to be involved in this great trade show.

METs Trade Show

We exhibited our testing equipment AIS Tester, BEACON Tester 406 02 and EPIRB Tester 406 Mini which is enabled via Wi-Fi from any mobile device. And we have to say that this last had the biggest attention from the part of engineers, surveyors and dealers from the different parts of the world.

Furthermore, we presented the sample of our newest device – GMDSS Tester MRTS-5, which is under final stage of engineer design now. MRTS-5 is second generation of GMDSS Tester produced in well-proven casing of such devices as AIS Tester and BEACON Tester. It’s going to be the world’s first mobile and hand-held GMDSS Tester.

Musson Marine on METS

Surely, we cannot pass by our OEM solutions that we have ready to offer to world’s manufacturers. Musson Marine offers a wide range of electronic design services in field of Radio frequency (RF) engineering in maritime and aviation areas.

As far as our tech team has rich experience to RF design and manufacturing, we offer PCB engineering and development services to apply in telecom, commercial, industrial, aerospace and military areas.

European clients are among our main strategic partners and customers, so we appreciated much the possibility to present our company at European area.

GMDSS Testers on METS

The show was definitely big and we were happy to meet dozens of Marine Solas surveyors from Europe as well as from all over the world. We greatly met our ancient good customers; some of them took opportunity to estimate in real our new products, before ordering them. Others took advantage to make agreement about discounts.

GMDSS Testers on METS

And our realized aim of METS Trade was to show surveyors the real alternative of Futronic Testers. Especially, seeing that Musson Marine Testers are much more simple in operation, light and cost-effective.

So in the last words we would like to say Thank You to all our visitors, also to organizers of the show, and we are looking forward to meet our visitors during next exhibitions that Musson Marine will take part.

GMDSS Testers on METS

Other News

Products catalogue

We created a complete range of professional solutions for AIS annual performance tests, EPIRB shore-based maintenance, GMDSS Radios surveys. All our products meets or exceeds all IMO requirements. Also we provide expert engineering support in all phases of system development in the fields of digital communications and signal processing systems.

Innovative 406MHz PCB Card

We are very proud to offer you high-end innovative device ready to be used in your products - 406MHz PCB Card. Easy integration, small dimensions, internal GPS, integrated flashligh, low power consumption. Intend for usage in all for using in all types of Cospas-Sarsat devices. Module can be used as emergency button on trucks or as lost containers tracking facility.

New EPIRB Tester Mini

We proudly reveal our new 3rd generation EPIRB Tester Mini. Tester is operating with any mobile phone or desktop PC by means of Wi-Fi connection. It is small and lightweight. Tests can be carried out in volume of annual test requirements or in volume of shore-based maintenance requirements under IMO resolutions or for fast check after beacon’s encoding or installation.
GMDSS Testers All in One


AIS, BEACON, SART, GMDSS Test equipment

Our company offers a range of maritime test devices intended for complex testing of GMDSS Equipment in accordance with IMO and SOLAS requirements.

Our test devices are capable to test automatic identification systems (AIS), AIS-SARTs, all 406MHz Cospas-Sarsat beacons, 9GHz search and rescue transponders (SART), and MF/HF and VHF GMDSS radios with DSC.

Testers are designed for ship surveyors, beacon suppliers, classification societies and administrative authorities.


RF Design & Technologies

Our company offers a wide range of electronic Design services in field of Radio frequency (RF) engineering in maritime and aviation areas.

Applying our experience to RF design and manufacturing, we offer PCB engineering and development services to companies within such various industries as telecom, commercial, industrial, aerospace and military.

Our engineering services includes design and manufacturing in range from product concept and PCB design to production, assembly, and testing.